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Pet Supplies, South West London

Market Pets are a long established shop who pride themselves on offering a friendly and helpful service. Graham and Tim have over 60 years experience in pet care between them, and are able to give expert advice and information on all pets sold.

Online map for Broadway marketBroadway Market is one of the few traditional markets left in London today, and has a wide variety of shops including ethnic clothes and food shops, key cutting services, and excellent fishmongers, and small cafes serving everything from a cup of tea to Jamaican patties. If you like markets, you'll love this one !

Market Pets can be found at the heart of the market, and has a surprisingly large range on offer. Specialities include:


Broadway Market Pet FoodsCarefully selected Quality Cat and Dog food at reasonable prices: James Wellbeloved, Hill's Science Plan, and a range of treats and titbits for small animals and birds. Rabbit & Guinea Pig food, and a huge range of seeds for the birds


Fish Tanks Bowls Tooting

Market Pets has a large range of tropical and cold water fish to choose from, and everything you need to look after and keep fish. A variety of bowls and tanks in different sizes, and a massive range of ornaments & decor.


Birds cages Tooting SW LondonThere is a good selection of the most popular pet birds, and you can normally get whatever you want on demand. Cages come in all sizes and styles so pop in and have a look.


Cat scrathing posts baskets Tooting South West LondonThe saying goes, 'Dogs have masters, cats have servants' ! Well you'll find everything here to treat both. Scratching posts, beds, baskets, even duvets. Needless to say that the pet food section has all sorts of treats to keep your animal happy.

Market Pet Supplies

Tooting Broadway Station

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